Nell'ambito del Festival della Fotografia di Londra" Photomonth-east London" la galleria Espaciogallery ospita i fotografi artistici di Artistspool di Londra e quelli del Collettivo37 e Artgallery37 di Torino per una grande esposizione internazionale di Fotografia d'arte dal titolo : fstop-contamporary photography dal 17 al 28 ottobre 2019.

Espacio Gallery Gallery 1  159 Bethnal Green Rd. London E2 7DG

the artist's pool-London

& Collettivo 37 -Turin

F Stop Photography Exhibition 17 - 28 October 2018 ​

the artists


Maria Beamont - England

I took many photos of strangers walking through London. The photos I’ve chosen here show people going about their daily lives; the impact of the city of London etched in their expressions. Unbeknown to me an iconic red bus was always somewhere in the background.

The photos for Fstop were taken with an old Yashica T5 film camera which has a ‘super scope’ making it a wonderful piece of equipment for street photography due to its inconspicuous nature. The photos were then digitally altered before printing.


Leticia Lima - Brazil

I bring in my photographs my connection with nature and the cycles of life, showing kind of a mysterious look. Common places on our day can reveal much more than we imagine, we just need to know how to look and break the barriers that blind us to the world. I'm a big fan of Fine Art photography. My work is influenced by film directors, writers and photographers, which are mostly related with horror and terror scenery.

Letícia Lima is a brazilian visual artist. Her work is based on the cycles of life and influenced by the mystic ways of living. Her first international exhibition was in 2017 in Espacio Gallery where she ministered a workshop about Fine Art photography


Gabor Paszti - England

FERTILITY Sowing life - sowing death,difference there is not.Celebrate both at once -and ("worry") will you not.Life is abundant and fertile -
Miss it you can not.


Ann Petruckevitch - England

I have created two camera-less unique lumen photograms using the garden plants, Clematis and Fern, respectively. A stem of each plant was placed on a piece of Ilford Ilfobrom Galerie fibre based black and white, light sensitive photographic paper. The stems were secured in position on the paper by a plain glass plate, then exposed and developed using daylight. This particular paper type has its own features and sensitivity to light. The interaction between the sun, the surrounding temperature, the plant’s moisture structure, and chemistry, among other factors, and the duration of exposure contribute to create a variety of shapes, unexpected colours and floral forms. It surprises many that black and white photographic paper can produce such an array of unspecified colours. These images did not require the use of a camera or darkroom, they represent my abstract viewpoint and perspective; they are naturally developed with the sun and chemically fixed to ensure the distinct colours obtained are archival maintained. 


Emily Inglis - Scotland

A journey into the heart of England to explore the landscape of Spaghetti Junction. Part of a wider series examining alternative English icons and landscapes. 


Audrey Kirk - England

I try to create work that speaks to me and others, about human emotions and our relationship with each other, ourselves and our environment

My current work explores the feeling of isolation and loneliness.  Drawing on my own experience of feeling disconnected, I see to visualise the emotions, to give narrative to what is felt by many but is often silent and hidden in plain sight. In these visual expressions, I hope to engage, to bring attention to, and to allow others to resonate with my experience and connect. 


Wendy Tuffin - England

Our love for plastic is currently causing an excessive amount of damage to our planet, but what is your contribution to this?
Plastics footstep No. 1 & No. 2 are the first in a new photographic series that investigates my plastic footprints within various areas of my daily life. 
The strengths and weaknesses within the plastics have become visible by the use of the scientific photographic technique cross polarisation, although for many plastics it is its indestructibility that is both its greatest strength and greatest weakness.


Irene Gittarelli - Italy  was born in Turin on October 13th, 1991 and she currently lives in Milan. Graduated from the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti of Turin, she is now attending the Master of Photography at Accademia di Brera, in Milan. Gittarelli starts developing her passion for photography in 2005, learning the basics in Plinio Martelli’s studio and then creating a highly personal and surreal style, focused on use of lights and settings more than on the subjects themselves.


Smiley Huseyin Photography  - England

My first introduction to digital photography was in 2008, since then my camera is always by my side.Photography is my passion and now mycareer. My photography is eclectic, I capture images which make me smile. From street photography to landscapes. From nature to architecture.My collection of photos has one common subject; Water. Water brings with it life and movement. Within my collection you will find two photos, one taken along the Norfolk coastline and the other at Beachy Head. I have captured two different styles of images from my travels around these particular English coastal towns. The presence of the seawater is my main focus, one while the tide is out, the other when the tide back is in for the day. 


Era Enesi - Italy

Memories weaved together with photography, express my research of liberation towards myself and others. I obsessively look into my subconscious for the meaning of the word “freedom”, which comes to reality through the Nude.

The sensation of “lack” and “unknown”, moves me to the search of an intimate and sincere relationship with the people I take pictures of; finding myself in them.



Anila Hussain - England has an addiction to her general “point of view” her “perspective”.So why is that? The art of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other, and in relation to light.What is real? Which is the right way? Your way can neither be right nor wrong its how you perceive it  - your Perspective.Never look at anything head on. Unleash your creative genius!



Elisa Carucci - Italy

Passionate about people, aesthetics, traveling and social matters, she is currently primarily working between Turin, Milan and London while being available worldwide. Born 1996 in Turin, is a self-taught photographer. She started taking pictures at 14, portraying her family and friends. Not long after she has followed the fashion weeks in Milan, London and New York as a backstage and runway photographer.As soon as she got her High School Diploma in scientific studies she moved to London at the age of 18 to study Art, Design and Media. She collaborated with musicians and designers defining her own urban yet intimate and narrative style.In 2017 she has been selected for a Masterclass in Visual Storytelling and New Media taught by the International Center of Photography and CAMERA Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, during which she started working on social reportage.



Daniele Giorgis - Italy

The meaning of Melancholy is to be linked to the sense of "sweet Oblivion", a kind of "sadness" that brings the should in search of who we are, why we are.We often lie to ourselves about or innermost feelings and on way to find them is to see them in others.In the project, I ask people to dig in their intimate, looking for their own melancholy and to share it with mine through music chosen by them and repeated lie a mantra.  A self-portrait in which it's not clear who is "on the other side".



Bianca Asmara Curti - Italy

Itʼs one of the many mornings when I keep turning in bed, collecting thoughts that I should be writing down.I look for a piece of paper in the dim light of my room, but I bump into the mug I had left on my bedside table. The noise of its encounter with the ice-cold floor brings me back from my morning reflections, interrupting them abruptly. Another day wasted.I collect what remains of the mug, while a string of light penetrates through the half-shut blinds, directed on the pale shards. Pure gold.Suddenly, I write.I am going to show proudly each and every one of my scars to the new day that is about to start.



Alessandro Santi - Italy

The photographic project talks about the connection between Vilad’Agliè and it's park. It’s located inT urin,Italy. The park has been designed by Rusell Page, well known architect of landscapes. Photography of landscapes is a magical relationship between figures, reality and memories. 

Silence and human absence play for the recovery of the past. The images caught with the camera are waiting for a passage in history or just for solar light or shadows.



Venesha Thompson - England

My photos are more than just images to me. They capture memories and have become a snapshot of my life at that moment.I find capturing the world around me very therapeutic, as it allows me explore my creative side and has almost become my photo journal.My pieces in this exhibition are an example of the two things that I find the most therapeutic: photography and water.The image 'Beautiful Calm' was taken during a very challenging 20 mile charity photo walk along the Norfolk Coast in June 2018. This photo reminds me that no matter how challenging life may seem at the time, when you reflect on the situation, you will usually find that the challenges and hard times have created something beautiful.



Adam Lucy - England

I have an appreciation for beauty in the mundane. These three chosen images of a larger series highlight the sometimes over looked beauty of man's functional structures on the landscape. There is a mournful quality to their presence. I see them not as a blight but a memorial to change, progress and the loss of the wilderness. The grandness of such constructs to us are but specks on the whole, in reality.



Juliana Lauletta - Brazil 

While coping with depression, I discovered that there are two things that I need to improve in my life: self-confidence and self-esteem. They are similar but not the same. Self-confidence is about trusting our ability to achieve what we want. Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves.These pictures illustrate my healing journey. I am fighting to weaken the critical voice inside my head that makes me second-guess everything and doubt how capable I am.The star symbolizes my inner light slowly finding strength to shine. The diamond represents learning what makes me unique and precious.The images might look like digital paintings but they are 100% photographs. I used light painting techniques (UV lights, LED lights and stencils) combined with in-camera double-exposures

We all see things differently, our eyes attracted to particular shapes, lines and colours.. I particularly like to explore the new dimensions reflections open right before our eyes and use them to capture the world around me and share those scenes and special moments  .  I hope some of my images will encourage you to take another look around...  



Andy Denial - England

You won't find me in a happier place than with a camera in hand having found the perfect location to capture that 'magic shot'. My preferred medium is landscape and cityscape photography but I also capture other genre’s such as street photography as the mood fits, be that with my main camera or going back to where it started and using my mobile phone.I genuinely hope people get as much pleasure from my photos as I do.




….E cercarla quest’anima, che è il misterioso declivio del quale abbiamo timore. Sognare il nostro sogno, è possibile! Qui c’è il vivere la nostra vita. Nelle trame della tela, del legno, del bucchero alberga l’essenza tessuta di noi esseri umani, finalmente attraverso l'arte…..liberi di essere.

Roberto Borra





Con Art Gallery 37 nasce a Torino un nuovo luogo di aggregazione artistica e di confronto culturale. Al contempo lo spazio si pone quale centro  d'eccellenza per grandi eventi artistici . I criteri di allestimento e i meccanismi organizzativi sono definiti da uno staff tecnico artistico specializzato che segue tutte le fasi dei progetti in essere. Riteniamo che la costante attivazione e aggregazione  di  professionalità e competenze diversificate di alto profilo, sia  un fattore importante ma al contempo percepiamo come fondamentale al di la delle qualità professionali dei  singoli  far emergere una filosofia di gruppo fortemente sentita, vissuta e condivisa.

Dunque le qualità di coesione dello staff tecnico - artistico basate su una comune percezione del valore dell'arte e dell'umanità sono elementi essenziali per un sano sviluppo dei progetti in divenire. Art Gallery 37  dunque, non è una semplice  galleria  d'arte ma, il fulcro attivo di un concreto e strutturato  progetto d'arte in costante evoluzione. La mission è fondamentalmente quella di valorizzare l'arte attraverso il confronto  abbattendo le le frontiere fisiche, sociali e culturali che frammentano e disgregano il "sistema delle opportunità".  Al contempo riteniamo essenziale dare supporto e visibilità  all'arte ed agli artisti di spessore che  non sempre trovano gli ideali interlocutori in grado di "storicizzare" e far emergere le qualità  del loro lavoro. Art Gallery37 nasce come concreta espressione di un ideale connubio tra gli artisti Alberto Bongini, Roberto Borra, Carlo Iorietti e Alessandro Merlo che con la creazione nel 2015 dell’Associazione Collettivo37 di Torino hanno posto le basi per l'apertura di questo ulteriore spazio dedicato all'arte moderna e contemporanea e allo sviluppo dei loro progetti nel mondo dell'arte. L'Associazione Collettivo 37  si avvale attualmente di due luoghi d'arte  differenziati: lo storico Atelier 37 laboratorio di idee e di produzione artistica, sito in Via Sant'Ottavio 37 e Art Gallery 37 in Via Buniva 9/ter/f  luogo espositivo per eccellenza ma al contempo oasi di riflessione e spazio di confronto artistico, sociale e culturale.



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